2023 Chong Wa School Adult Mandarin Programs

New classes starting on September 9 and 10 are ready to accept the registration.


Online Registration => Adult Mandarin class starting on Sept. 9 and 10, 2023.



Let”¦s Learn Mandarin in Chong Wa School
Fall Semester 2023 starting on September 9 and 10, 2023.

Learning Mandarin is an important global trend and there is increasing demand for Mandarin programs all over the world. This program is designed for the general population to learn Mandarin as a foreign language. The topics and settings aim to help adult beginners develop their communicative competence through natural dialogue and learning the vocabulary needed in daily life. In addition, there are sections on culture to provide an immersive experience for language learning.

”“       Material

”³      Let”¦s Learn Mandarin book 1 or book 2

”³      Fun activities about culture and language

”“      Schedule: 12 Weeks, 3 hrs a week on every Saturdays or Sunday 14:00-17:00

”“      Teacher
Instructor has 7 years of teaching experience in Taiwan and 3 years of teaching experience in Seattle. She holds formal Chinese teaching certificate, and passionate about getting to know her students and helping them!

”³      Learner”¦s learning needs are top priorities

”³      The program focuses on what's practical and functional.

”³      She will assist learners to attain language competence and apply the Mandarin in daily life

”³      Engage with the task-based activities, such as making a reservation, writing a card, held a party, solving a problem”Kect.

”³      Integrate the program with local communities to visit the museum, restaurant, and market experiencing the traditional culture



* TCML programs sponsored by OCAC, Taiwan


Advanced Adult Mandarin:


For Advanced Mandarin Program, please send an email to principal@ChongWaSchool.org to get more info.

This course is for those who have maintained novice high/intermediate level fluency and who wish to be challenged at a higher level of learning. Admittance by fluency assessment by the instructor.